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» Ватиканские музеи и Сикстинская капелла
» Музеи Ватикана, Сикстинская капелла и Базилика Святого Петра
» Императорские форумы, Колизей, Рынок Траяна
» Фонтан Треви, Пантеон и Площадь Навона (3 часа)
» Колизей, фонтан Треви и Испанской лестницы

» Тур с гидом в Музеи Флоренции и Сиены
» Тур с гидом в Пизу и Сан. Жиминьяно
» Экскурсия с гидом во Флоренцию и Пизу с порта Ливорно (Круизный лайнер)
» Тур в центр Флоренции (Галерея Академии + Дуомо + Площадь Синьории)
» Тур с гидом на три часа во Флоренцию (пешая зкскурсия)
» Пешая зкскурсия с гидом по Флоренции (Диомо-Площадь Синьории-Академическая Галерея и Базилика Санта-Кроче)
» Экскурсия с гидом во Флоренцию в Галерею Академии
» Эскурсия с гидом в Галерею Уффици


»Пешая Экскурсия с гидом по Милану (Диомо + Замок Сфорца + Музей Замка Сфорцо + Тайная Вечеря)
» Пешая Экскурсия по Милану (Диомо +Музей Замка Сфорцо +Ла Скала + Галерея В. Эммануэля II)


» Экскурсия с гидом по Портофино - полный день
» Экскурсия с гидом по Портофино и Генуя -полный день



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- Rosanne R. - 01 September 2012

The driver did a good job and was very nice. We were exceedingly happy with the tour and the tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and able to answer our questions. We loved her and highly commend and recommend her.

- Loretta G. - 15 August 2012

I found the service provided by Tredy to be of the highest standard. Their response to requested information and quotes was speedy and the information provided was useful and helpful. The guide selected for our tour was Gustavo, who proved to be excellent in his level of knowledge of all sites visited. He was able to pitch his level of delivery and information to both the adults and students in our group. He was charming,witty and entertaining as well. The driver and transport were also excellent and on time. I found the overall experience provided by Tredy to be the best experienced by our group whilst in Italy and would higly recommend their services as they have proven to me to provide the most professional of services.

- Karen C. - 06 August 2012

Giorgio was amazing. We have had many tours and this was our best ever. He really made Pompeii come alive and we will remember this tour always. Thank you. Karen and Jeff.

- Paul O. - 01 Agosto 2012

Daniele was extremely helpful and a very competent guide. We enjoyed ourselves immensely on our tour of Pompeii. We would certainly recommend her to anyone wanting to do a private tour of Pompeii.

- Daniela G. - 28 Luglio 2012

We were very pleased with your tour. Thank you very much for everything. The guide at Pompei was very informative and a delight. We truly enjoyed her humor as well as the information she provided for us. I must also add that she was very patient with our group and helped keep the children interested throughout the tour.

- Rick C. - 05 Giugno 2012

We were very satisfied with both the Vatican Museum and Trastevere tours. The guides were very kind and knowledgable.

- Laura B. - 10 Maggio 2012

We so enjoyed our tour of Pompeii with Francesca. She was very charming and knowledgeable about the site. We gained so much more insight with her than any guide book could have provided.

- Michele E. - 04 April 2012

Fabio was an excellent host. Not only informative but extremely accomodating and took care of all the details. We would have struggled to have tried to do this tour alone. His knowledge of the sites was impressive for not only us adults, but the kids who range in age of 10-16 as well. I would definately recommend your services who are looking for this tour in Naples/Capri. Michele Evers

- Jacob D. - 04 February 2012

We took a 1 hour guided tour of Pompeii. Our guide was Enrico, who was excellent. He spoke excellent English, was very knowledgable and answered all our questions very well. His tour was not a rehearsed speech, it was more like a conversation with stories informing us about the history and people of Pompeii and the greater area. I would not hesitate to book a tour with Tredy again because Enrico gave such a good tour.

- Kim C. - 03 December 2011

My family really enjoyed our tour of Pompei with Enzo. He was knowledgeable, considerate and all around pleasant. Enzo was a big help over e mail initiating the tour as well! Thanks so much! Kim Cote



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» Геркуланум - 2 часа
»  Археологический Музей - 2 часа
»  Королевский Дворец
в Казерте- 1,45 часа
»  Пестум - 2 часа
»  Церкви Неаполя - 2 часа
» Побережье Амалфи
»  Капри
» Помпей/Везувий
»флегрейские Поля
»Неаполь - 2 часа
» Сорренто - 2 часа
» Помпей-Герк.-Оплонти


»Помпей – 2 часа
»  Помпей (с Виллой Мистерий)-2 часа и 30 минут
»Помпей - 3 часа
» Помпей - 4 часа
»  Помпей - 6 часа


Мы предлогаем вам экскурсии на круизных судах с портов Неаполя, Сорренто, Капри и Салерно для посещения и лучшего ознокомления с такими городами как Помпей, Капри, Неаполь, Побережье Амалфи и другие археологические места для прогулок по региону Кампания. Атак же организовываем для вас часные экскурсии по доступной цене,каторая значительно мень чем те которые вам могут предложить местные круизные агенства. Во всех турнэ мы используем для вас самые комфортабельные автобусы Mercedes (оснощенные кондиционером).


Запросите расчет стоимости заказа с учетом запланированной Вами экскурсии в одном или нескольких местах региона Кампании и Вы сможете получить наши предложения разработанные в соответствии с вашими потребностями ....
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